Moscow region, Khimki city, Repina St., 2/27
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Masterpiece in Moscow. Hardwood Floors, 2012

It is safe to say that this type of floor is the modus operandi for installation company Yantarnaya Pryad-Parquet of Khimki, Russia. The company`s style is intricate, often relying on a deliberate assortment of natural forms and geometric shapes displayed in a deverse range od wood species, a tactic that lends its floors a rich palette and leaves onlookers with the impression the company`s works are teeming with life. 

This particular floor was installed in the residence in suburban Moscow. Giving the floor its palette of browns, oranges and blacks is a selection of solid Karelian birch, oak, wenge, lemon tree, maple, jatoba, olive tree and jarrah–nine species in all. The medallion comprises concentric circles of parquet arrangements: There are leaves, stars, diamonds, twigs, buds and ribbons; the shoots twist in paths echoing the golden ratio, yet they seem to be groming in no particular direction. "The style of the medallion is close to Rocco," Natalia Lebedeva, import manager at Yantarnaya Pryad, says.

The medallion here is one of two Yantarnaya Pryad incorporated small, circular marble accents in the spiral-patterned section near the center. After the medallion was glued down and site-finished, the marble accents were glued into holes left in t he floor. Last came application of a water-based glossy finish.

With this project, Yantarnaya Pryad disolayed its preeminence in the field of eleborate CNC-cut wood floorinf, and it tiik home its third Wood Floor of the Year award. With no shortage of well-heeled clients–the company works for anyone from private homeowners to the Russian government–it`s likely we`ll see this company add to this total in the future.

Художественный паркет, розетка по индивидуальному проекту