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Floor for living. In the palace. Up close.

Oak, hornbeam, ash, maple, birch, cherry, beech, plane and mahogany comprise daily vocabulary of Sergei Kochanov, Director General of the company "Yantarnaya Pryad-Parquet". The pride of the company he leads is the production of artistic parquet, in which masters use at least six to seven types of wood species, among which common yew, olive tree and sandal wood especially catch any eye. ... Can you imagine how beautiful this parquet looks like? However, the classic parquet tiles are also capable of gaining heart of the esthete.

In the Great Palace of the State Historical, Architectural, Art and Landscape Museum-Reserve "Tsaritsyno" firm Yantarnaya Pryad-Parquet  installed 3830 square meters of parquet. Basically it is parquet with repeated tiles.

– Sergei, wgich wood species were used in parquet tiles in the Great Palace?

– Mainly was used oak in combination with merbau. Though there`re only 2 colors in the floor palette, nevertheless, parquet will be precious. As the light strikes the floor at different angles, parquet tiles will be definetely dancing on the light and increadibly charming.

– What about artistic parquet?

– In comparison with parquet tiles, there were installed not so much of it. Only 130 sqm. Merbau, ash and oak fit wonderful into geometric pattern. 

– How big is every tile?

– In Tsaritsyno it`s 420*420 mm. It depends on the customer`s wish: 500*500 mm, 600*600 mm or 800*800 mm. When producing artistic parquet, we assemble the details on tiles, the dimensions of which are 1000*1000mm or 1500*1500 mm not to distort the pattern and later glue them down on two-component adhesive.

– Do you think the amount of work in Tsaritsyno is big?

– Of course, it is. We had a great desire to participate in this project, as it`s state and significant. That`s what we love.

– How long does it take for the lacquers to dry completely?

– The primer dries very quickly. One hour later can be applied the next layer. According to the instructions, the varnish sets for 8 hours at normal temperature and humidity. But the conditions we are now working in, need 12 hours.

– Are you going to wait for the best climate in the premises, or will you take any actions?

– We bring the temperature and humidity to the required values. Otherwise, we loose time.

– What are you going to do to save the parquet before handing over the site?

– We will close it with special covering material.

– What do you do to prevent the floor from creaking?

– First of all, you need to prepare the ground well. We glue the plywood on the logs, all this is rigidly fastened. This installation system has checked the time: such floor does not squeak, unless there is some kind of gulf during operation or mechanical damage

– By the way, what about guarantee? Is it possible to give it at all? –The fact is that the durability of the parquet floor depends on the care and operating conditions. It`s walked, something is being spilled on it, in the winter are brought reagents, and in the summer - sand. Therefore, parquet must be protected.

– Parquet is able to serve at least 50 years. The natural tree is very practical.

– Are you going to take any treatment actions in the future?

– So far it has not been discussed, but I admit signing a service agreement.

– Does the firm have a special treatment service?

– For sure. As soon as we`ve installed artistic parquet in the Banquet Hall and in the private area of the President in the Moscow Kremlin, we treat it constantly.

–When did you work there?

– 3 years ago

– I suppose, it was very interesting to go to work in the Kremlin.

– You can say that again!

– How long are you in this brench of business?

– Since 1999. Among our later orders are the Reception House of the Executive Office of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, the Moscow Morozov Mansion, Pashkov House, the Yusupov Palace of the Arkhangelskoye Estate Museum, the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia and the State Hermitage.

– How many objects do you have at a time?

– It depends on the volume and complexity of orders, we can conduct 20 - 30 objects - both private orders and state ones, the last ones are priority for us. Due to the fact that the company initially focused on meaningful objects, chased not for earnings, but for the name, we achieved what we wanted: now they know us well.

Moskovskaya perspektiva, № 22, 14.06.2007.