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Best Commercial. Wood Floor Business Design, 04/2017

Наш паркет в РУДН

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The article "Best Commercial" in the magazine "Wood Floor Business Design" is devoted to the victory in the first annual Wood Floor Business Design Award contest.

Let's hope the professors who meet in this room to hear Ph.D. candidates to defend their theses aren't wood flooring people - they might be too distracted to pay attention.

Yantarnaya Pryad-Parquet installed this dazzling 278-square-foot parquet floor inside a dissertation room at the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN) in Moscow. The wood floor tile pattern on the outskirt of the room features ash, merbau and maple, while the inlays in the centre of the commanding oval table are ash, merbau, maple, oak, walnut and wenge.

The flooring patterns were inspired by the room itself. Yantarnaya wanted the pattern and the inlays to emphasize the importance and solemnity inherent in the room's function. Ph.D. candidates have been deoting themselves to their field of study for most of their adult lives, and the formal Rococo-style designs respectfully celebrate the work it took to come this far, says Anastasia Galkina, export manager.

It took Yantarnaya 30 days to manufacture the parquet. The octagons are close to 17 inches wide. In the middle of the table, the smaller inlays measure roughly 67 square feet and the large centre inlay an impressive 109 square feet.

The team spent 25 days gluing down the parquet and sanding and finishing it on-site. They worked by day but also by night to minimize the disturbance to nearby classrooms.

«The customer was very happy with the quality and beauty of the parquet», Galkina says. It appears the floor passed its defence. Consider it a postdoc.