Mosaic parquet

Mosaic parquet is the most beautiful and luxurious wooden flooring. Modern technologies provide the parquet manufacturers with great opportunity - work out something new and go on. Our factory is fitted up with the equipment allowing us to manufacture mosaic parquet of any complexity and in big quantity.

Production stages

Parquet manufacturing starts with creating project in our design-studio. The next step is detailed drawing to calculate required quantity of the material. The wood species needed are kept as semi-finished product at stock. All the details for later mosaic parquet are produced on sawing machines  or on NC machienes (more than 10 pcs). Then all the elements are gathered and sanded.

Rectilinear and curvilinear parquet

The mosaic parquet manufacturing can be devided into two types according to the end product: curved and rectilinear.

Rectilinear parquet is the parquet consisting of detailes of straight positions. Such details are made on sawing machines which are more than 80 on our factory. Every machine is programmed to specific trim and thus providing reduction time on machine settting and output growth. All equipment is serviced, tested and adjusted by specialists when needed.

Curvilinear elements are being manufactured on CNC machines with a cutting spindle, which can move to different positions and depths as directed by the computer instructions up to 50 micron accuracy. 

Short changeover of triaxial CNC machines makes it possible to reduce production time and manufacture large volume. Manufacturing technoliges provide mimnimum exotic wood consumption.

Production output:

Engineered- 3000m2/month;

Curved parquet (decors, borders, medallions etc.) - 600-800m2/month;

For mosaic parquet manufacturing are used different techniques:marquetry (applying pieces of veneer to a structure to form the pattern at full tile thickness), intarsia интарсия (inlaying wooden elements at spme thickness of the massive) as well as combination of both techniques at the same time. One more technique such as wood engraving is the one considered to be lost. Nevertheless our craftsmen took part to revival it. Our company is  one of few using this technique.

To give stability to the parquet and to cut installing time the elements are gathered in advance on glass fibre mat or plywood and glued each other. Dependes on type of tile the elements can be fixes 2 possible ways: scotch taped on the front or glued on a thick grid; the elements are glued together and formed in pattern. At present our technologists have worked out and integrated ultrasound gluing system providing high productivity and stiffness of structure. We use only environmently friendly water-based glue.