Club house

Apartment complex «Turandot Residences» is an elite club house. The developer is the company «Valartis Group», the apartments were designed by Jade Jagger.

The design of the club house is made in one style with its inner concepts and solutions. Modern design and preserved neo-classical style of the Soviet era are harmoniously combined.

Performed work

  • 2019 год: Apartments, 110 sqm.;
  • 2018 год: Public zone, 310 sqm.

«Having obtained the experience of the leading European architects and engineeres our company
create buildings that can change people's vision of
comfort and functional capabilities.
Each our piece of work is created with awe,
we put part of our soul in it».
  «Valartis Group»

Natural wood, glass, rare stone species, polished metall prevail in interiors of the apartments in «Turandot Residences». Different details, oriental ornaments and bright red colour make the interiors look unique and peculiar. The history connected with the plot of the play "Princess Turandot" and modernity as challenge to the classics are intertwined in this house.


We accomplished installation works in the apartments with total area of 110 sqm. Spacious, light apartment in European style. Big windows and high ceilings make the premises more spacious allowing to forget everyday life. Feeling of naturalness is enhanced by the use of natural materials. The interior makes one feel relaxed, calm and serene.

Designers of «Turandot Residences» chose oak chevron (Natur grade) as wood flooring. This grade perfectly reflects the natural beauty of wood. Its texture makes the flooring look more expressive. Thus, the emphasis is put on the impeccable wood flooring with its homogeneous texture and harmonious difference of shades..


The project was done in a very short time. Production and installation took less than two months. There is always oak chevron at stock. Our task was to stain chevron exactly as the client's sample. The staining was complicated, multilayer.