Zebarno is considered elite exotic parquet for designers and all admirers of exquisite and stylish interiors.

Zebrano wood is very decorative, easy to sand and polish. There are African and Asian zebrano. African zebrano has more even structure, Asian zebrano has greyish colour, structure is more vivid.

Zebrano is used mainly as veneer, for incrustations, and also for production of block parquet and massive board. Veneer is planed in quartersawn way in order to avoid buckling because of alternation of hard and soft areas. Parquet from zebrano wood is very stable and heavy that makes it possible to use it premises with high passability.

Parquet from zebrano is ideal for creating unique interior decor. It is often used together with wenge.

Hardness, N/mm2 3,2
Density, kg/m3 750
Stability, standard unit 3
Place of origin Gabon, Cameroon
Colour and structure Name "zebrano" is used for wood with decor that resembles zebra: dark stripes on light background. Wood gas light golden colour, with narrow strokes of dark brown or black colour. Surface is shiny. Texture is somewhat large. Wood is hard and heavy.