Rosewood is the name of several South African species of Jacaranda similar by colour and structure. Parquet from rosewood can be of brown, cream, olive, red, violet and greenish colours, and all on one plank altogether.

It should be mentioned that rosewood is quite expensive because tree grows very slowly. It takes about 200 years to get a good log from a tree.

Quality high-class parquet flooring from rosewood is considered the most diverse as far as wood colours are concerned. Thanks to rich colour range parquet from rosewood does not look as completely dark flooring. Moreover, it becomes lighter with time, especially in premises where it is often sunny.

Apart from using rosewood as solid wood, it is often used as veneer the decor of which depends on the direction of planing.

Parquet from rosewood is no doubt one of the "richest" parquet flooring.

Hardness, N/mm2 3,5
Density, kg/m3 800 – 1000 
Stability, standard unit 3
Place of origin East India, Indonesia, Thailand, Ceylon, Java
Colour and structure Rosewood is very diverse by design and colour (from pinkish-brown to dark violet-brown). It can become lighter with time. Core wood is purple brown and is distinguished by alternation of light and dark stripes. Sapwood is very different from core wood by colour. Wood has barely detected fragrance. Texture is homogeneous and large.