Mahogany (acajou, redwood)


Mahogany is conventional name for tropical wood species that have red wood and distinguish by variety of texture and fibres. Redwood combines exquisite beauty and stability, classics and art nouveau.

Mahogany is not susceptible to buckling and deformation, easy to process and tone. Parquet from redwood has always been regarded as standard of exquisite taste and prosperity. Parquet has deep rich red-brown colour with beautiful shades that can be seen at different illumination (it looks especially good after lacquering). Bright and rich wood tones become more polpular. Usage of redwood makes it possible to realize the most audacious ideas. Rich colour makes parquet from mahogany a luxurious element of any interior. Parquet from mahogany will serve for many years.

At present mahogany is widely used for veneer production.

Hardness, N/mm2 4,2
Density, kg/m3 530
Stability, standard unit 3
Place of origin Coastal rainforests of Western Africa from Ivory Coast to Cameroon and Gabon including territories of Ghana and Nigeria
Colour and structure Wide colour range: from pink to red-brown. Yellow-brown sapwood is not always clearly distinguished.