Size: 420/350/280х70х15mm

Maple is one of the most popular material for parquet producing. Maple parquet has warm light color which helps to increase optically space and make the room cosy. Its colors will be good in the bedrooms. 

Distinguishing features

  • Maple parquet gets darker (honey-yellow) with time .
  • It has propensity for splits.

Our company focuses on desiccation of wood which is carried according to the perfect technologies in the DeNardi kilns. It ensures high-quality parquet planks.

Our customers are our first priority, this is why we offer individual orders. Maple can have following decorative effects: brush, patina, coloring, toning as well as UV-top coating.

After being installed parquet is overcoated with lacquer or oil.

We are manufacturers and are happy to offer you our products.