Size: 420/350/280х70х15mm


Ash is the most popular parquet material. It distinguisges through its hard wood. In addition, it`s wear-proof and allows being used for sport floors. Distinguishing ash parquet feature is multicolor palette: grey, white, red and yellow colors.

Decorative features

  • Impressive texture looks especially perfect in the halls;
  • Wood is easy toned and can have different decorative effects;
  • Ash parquet is perfect for any interior design;
  • Ash gets darker with times.

Intense wood grain looks especially good on big surfaces. Designers often use ash parquet as the main interior detail.

Technical and performance specifications

  • Doesn`t dry up;
  • Wood is sensible to changes in temperature and humidity;
  • Ware-proof.


Our customers are our first priority, this is why we offer individual orders. Ash parquet can have following decorative effects: brush, patina, coloring, toning as well as UV-top coating.

After being installed parquet is overcoated with lacquer or oil.

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