The State Academic Maly Theatre

The Maly Theatre was opened in 1824 and is one of the oldest theatres in Russia. The building began by order of the famous Russian merchant  Vasilij Vargin. Later it was rebuilt taking into account the ensemble  of Petrovskaya Square.
The Maly Theatre has played a great role in Russian culture development. The main repertoire is represented by world famous plays of such well-known writers as Alexander Ostrovsky, Anton Chekhov, Aleksey Tolstoy and Friedrich Schiller.

In 2014 the theatre was reconstructed preserving the appearance of this historical building and acoustic features: new piles were set, walls were fastened and engineering systems were changed. Our high-qualified team hasn`t stand aside and took part in reconstruction works.

Completed works

Our pattern parquet and strips have perfectly fitted in with the whole interior of the Maly Theatre. Art Parquet floorings are the great interior arrangements for the following rooms: lobbies, orchestra loge, the first and the second balcony, cloakroom, manager`s office, creative director`s office, green-room (including green-room named after Ermolova) and lobby named after Shchepkin.
For parquet were used following wood species: oak, wenge, merbau and ash.