International University in Moscow

International University

The International University is the first non-government higher institution in the Russian Federation. The University started working in February 1992. There five main departments in the University: law department, management department, enterprise department, department of administration of big cities and department of foreign languages. Besides, five higher schools function in the University. Moreover, professional development programme are carried out in the University, postgraduate centre and other educational forms operate.

Reconstruction of the building (built in 1937) of the International University began in November 2006. It should have been finished by November 2008. However, the capital’s authorities reconsidered the plans and reduced the terms so that the students and postgraduate students could start studying as soon as possible.

Reconstruction of parquets. International University


ArtParquet accomplished production and installation works in the International University. The task complexity was not only in the peculiarities of the building itself (parquet blocks were installed in the better part of the building; parquet flooring was installed only in the studies, library, big and small halls), but in time terms. Total flooring area was 5600 m2. The works were completed during 3 weeks.

Reconstruction of parquets. International University


The ArtParquet company is worth mentioning as it has fulfilled a great amount of parquet and laminate installation works during one month. There are several well-known companies in Moscow that specialize in parquet works but  ArtParquet was the only one to take a risk to accomplish this "extreme" in terms of time limits order. (according to "Moskovskaya perspektiva", № 38, April 10, 2008).

Thanks to mobilization of all the company’s resources, use of innovations, mobility, sense of responsibilities and team spirit time terms were met and the quality was perfect. First deputy Chief Executive Officer of Moscow department of town planning Alexander Levchenko praised the company ArtParquet (according to "Moskovskaya perspektiva", № 45, April 29, 2008).