Residence of the U.S. Ambassadors in Moscow

Since 1933 after establishing diplomatic relations between the Unied States and the USSR, the mansion "Spaso-House" has been the residence of the U.S. Ambassador to the USSR and (since 1991) to the Russian Federation.

"Spaso-House" was being built according to the order of Nikolay Vtorov who owned the largest textile manufacturing firm in Imperial Russia. The mansion was built in1914. Though the mansion is built in Empire style it looks dignified and elegant. The interior was made on a large scale: the arched ceiling of the main hall that is 25 metres long has a huge chandelier.

In recent years it was decided to restore "Spaso-House" in its early splendor of 1914 (according to ).

The company Art Parquet was chosen for parquet restoration works in "Spaso-House". The company’s work was estimated as "outstanding", everything was done in time and on a high quality level.

The Embassy’s attachй Robert Perrault gave the company Art Parquet a diploma-certificate for highly-qualified and qualitative works in the Residence of the U.S. Ambassadors in Moscow: "THE U.S. EMBASSY WOULD LIKE TO EXPRESS ITS GRATITUDE TO THE EMPLOYEES OF THE "YANTARNAYA PRYAD" COMPANY FOR THEIR ОUTSTANDING SERVICE FOR REPAIR OF THE PARQUET FLOOR FOR THE SPASO HOUSE RENOVATION PROJECT".

  • Residence of the U.S. Ambassadors in Moscow
  • Reconstruction of parquets. Residence of the U.S. Ambassadors in Moscow. Photo from the site:
  • The diploma-certificate