"International Building Salon 2006"

The diploma of the participant International Building Salon 2006

Art Parquet participated in the exhibition "International Building Salon 2006" (the International exhibition centre "Crocus Expo", Moscow, November 8-11, 2006).

More than 18000 people visited the exhibition, 95% of the visitors were specialists.

Panel Dandelion

The visitors were so amazed by the beauty and singularity of the stand composition presented by Art Parquet. It was even decided to organize exhibition opening exactly near the stand of Art Parquet.

The visitors liked the panel "Dandelion" most of all. This panel was created by the company’s designers under impression of Art Nouveau. The image of dandelion was used on purpose as it symbolizes action, development, changes and eternity.

The ornament is made of parquet planks of different wood species: merbau, maple, ash, amaranth, oak and others. The planks are interlaced into the net of flowers, leaves and stems.

  • International Building Salon 2006
  • International Building Salon 2006
  • International Building Salon 2006