The company Art Parquet is a close-knit team that is one of the leading teams at the Russian and international markets. Due to the development of our three main departments:

Art Parquet accomplishes:

At your service:

  • maximum convenience for customers (complex interior design: engineering, production and installation of luxurious wall panels, caisson ceilings, doors, windows, stairs and parquet flooring from valuable wood species, furniture from Italian manufacturers);
  • individual approach to every customer (great possibilities in choosing and producing elite furniture in Italy by order; modern technologies of wood processing allow creating exclusive design that ideally corresponds to your views of interior design and life style);
  • reasonable prices and time terms of project accomplishment (using of own innovative products, latest technologies and decoration materials makes it possible to reduce manhours, final cost and production term);
  • long-term experience of selling parquet flooring abroad (Art Parquet has representatives in different foreign countries. Their employees will help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

April, 2016. The Museum of Hand Made Goods More information

March - April, 2016.  The Peoples' Friendship University of Russia More information

January - April, 2016. Botkin`s House (also known as The Turgenew`s mansion) More information

November - December, 2015. Kokorevskoje podvorje  More information 

June - September, 2014. Royal family apartments in Qatar More information

2014. The Grand Kremlin Palace More information

February, 2013. National Tea-house. Palace complex "Arbob Palace", Republic of Tajikistan    


January 2013. Parquet restoration. Historico-architectural ensemble "Rogozhskaya Sloboda".  


July 2012. ASB Belorusbank, Minsk    


Palace of Facets. Semi-basement

April 2012.   Faceted Chamber   


Arseny Morozov’s manor

February 2012. Reconstruction of parquet flooring. Hotel for the heads of foreign delegations that are guests of the Russian government (Arseny Morozov’s manor)  


Tatar State Puppet Theatre "Ekiyat"

January 2012.  Tatar State Puppet Theatre "Ekiyat"  


Parquet restoration. Petrovsky Putevoy Palace

December 2011. Parquet restoration. Petrovsky Putevoy Palace   


Russian President’s guest house

October 2011. Russian President’s guest house   


Tajik President’s residence

August 2011. Tajik President’s residence, Kayrakkum "    

Federal Protective Service of the Russian Federation

October 2011. Federal Protective Service of the Russian Federation   


March, 2006. Moscow Academic Music Theatre More information

August, 2005. Residence of the U.S. Ambassadors in Moscow →More information

August, 2005. IMPEXBank More information

March, 2005. LUKOIL company More information

May - July, 2004. Russian President`s residence "Valdai" More information

January, 2004. Lenkom Theatre More information

April, 2003. The Palace of Congresses More information

March - May, 2003. The Konstantin Palace More information

February - March, 2001. The Union of Architects of Russia More information

07.10.2016. our wooden interiors catalogue Kochanelli 2016 on-line More information

31.08.2016. Renewal of “3-D projects” part More information

06.08.2016. «ASIA-Plus» about us More information

08.07.2016. Engineered wood tile video-presentation More information

Parquet selling

Wood is a unique decorative material that, thanks to its easy processing, ornamental and functional qualities, makes it possible to realize any designer’s style and ideas. Wooden interiors attract people by their exquisiteness and unique charm. They preserve notes of nature perfection and create unique aesthetic atmosphere

The company offers to you a harmonious interior design of your premises: wooden interior from separate elements made in one style (design engineering, production and installation). The main interior elements: wall panels, caisson ceilings, doors, windows, stairs, skirting и flooring made of valuable wood species and furniture from Italian manufacturers.

The company’s priority is individual approach to the customer. Desing studio will work out a unique author’s interior design taking into consideration all your requirements (unique author’s sketch, design-project, 3D visualisation). Great possibilities of the company in creating unique interiors are determined by own factory equipped with hi-tech machines from European manufacturers. We will create a favourable atmosphere in your premises: interior design of restaurants, studies, conference rooms, offices

Parquet flooring (parquet) will no doubt make any interior unique in its style. Art Parquet offers different kinds of parquet flooring: artistic parquet, block parquet, massive board. Art Parquet is one of few companies that produces palace parquet.


Decorative elements of artistic parquet that are ready for installation: medallion, pattern parquet or plated parquet, border, decors.

The company’s colouristic laboratory makes coloured massive board (toned massive board) and coloured block parquet (toned block parquet) according to own technologies that helped to extend colour scale of natural hues of wood. Different additional types of wood processing add individuality to the interior.

Competent and professional parquet installation (scrapping, sanding, lacquering) is the guarantee of flooring beauty and durability. The company offers you a two-year guarantee for parquet flooring (parquet works and parquet of own production).

Own production (parquet production according to own unique technologies) positively tells upon parquet cost and price! Parquet from manufacturer is perfect material that helps to create unique interiors using great qualities of wood.

Art Parquet invites for collaboration dealers, architects and designers. Our programme for partners allows buying parquet on favourable terms.

Art Parquet is the only official dealer of the company CHIMIVER PANSERI S.p.A. in Russia. We offer you reliable professional materials for parquet installation: parquet chemistry by CHIMIVER.