"Laura Baccelli"

"Laura Baccelli" is product of Italian company "EWF officine parquet". The company Art Parquet is exclusive representative of the company "EWF officine parquet" in Russia.

"EWF officine parquet": "years of expertise, passion for our work, the professionalism of our team of experts in parquetry and specialized craftsmen give us the opportunity to honour and maintain the tradition of parquet in all its varieties, from boards to tiles, and in classic solutions that enable the use of old and recovered wood".

"EWF officine parquet" works in collaboration with the team of Archipunto di Firenze, famous engineering studio that is situated in Florence.

In several collections of "Laura Baccelli" one can see antique floorings made of old wood got from medieval castles and residences from various Italian provinces. According to Samuele Calvisi, owner of the company "EWF officine parquet", this kind of flooring transmits the breath of life, history, emotions.

  • Pattern parquet with stone Laura Baccelli
  • Pattern parquet Laura Baccelli
  • Engineered board Laura Baccelli

Pattern parquet "ALTA MODA"

Pattern parquet «ALTA MODA»

Pattern parquet "ALTA MODA" is assembled manually from high-qualified elements of wood, marble and valuable metals. Close collaboration of Italian designers, specialists working with wood, marble, bronze, gold and specialists-chemists resulted in creation of really exclusive products that are small artworks.

Pattern parquet «PRET A PORTER CLASSIC»

Pattern parquet «PRET A PORTER CLASSIC»

Pattern parquet "PRET A PORTER CLASSIC" is integral element of interior stylization (renaissance, baroque, classicism). "PRET A PORTER CLASSIC" – traditional ornaments for parquet flooring based on medieval standards of harmony, elegance, luxurious interior, made of different wood species, with the use of high-tech equipment, modern materials and special methods of finishing.

Engineered board "PRET A PORTER"

Engineered board «PRET A PORTER»

Engineered board "PRET A PORTER" of a large size is perfect material that makes it possible to use the qualities of wood to the maximum. "PRET A PORTER" collection is distinguished by Italian elegance, exquisiteness, dignity of colours, stylish textures in combination with innovative ways of wood processing.