The Palace of Independence, Tajikistan

The Palace of Independence belongs to the executive branch of the President.
It was built in 1994 and reconstructed in 2008 for holding big international meetings. Here is situated the biggest hall with total area 2600 m2 housing up to 1000 people.

Completed works

This object can be considered to be the most difficult over our working history. It`s common knowledge that the most important thing when installing parquet floors is the exact size of each detail. Any minimum error in geometric pattern of the details can destroy the whole picture. It`s worth mentioning that parquet assembling accuracy is being established by the accuracy of manufacturing.

ArtParquet company made a good job of interior designing and parquet installing. The floors had complex pattern in Eastern style.

In the floor pattern are to be found culture things, floral ornaments with exotic flowers and other different settings.  The designed parquet was decorated with arabesque and traditional stars.

We used following wood species to hand on all the color palette: padouk, amaranth, wenge.

Due to this project we are the winners at the «NWFA Wood Flooring Expo 2016»  in “The best CNC cut” nomination