"Gorki-9", Prime-minister`s Residence

“Gorki-9” is the biggest residence belonging to the prime-minister of the Russian Federation. It`s one of four official residences (as well as “The Moscow Kremlin”, “Bocharov Ruchey” and “Dolgiye Borody”) situated near the Lake Valdai.

“Gorki-9” was used as the government dacha of former President Boris Yeltsin before he moved to a residence in Barvikha. At present Dmitriy Medvedev is leaving in this residence.

Completed works.

2011 our parquet layers installed wood flooring in the following rooms: living-room, president`s cabinet, first lady`s room, dining-room, press conference room, rest-room and even in the bath-house. The total area was 2500 m2.

2012 ArtParquet company accomplished works on manufacturing and installing of the wall panels.

Flooring design.

Our designers and artists mapped out 4 kinds of flooring-design. They all were carried out in the same style — Late Classicism. The final design was approved by the architects from MosProject-2. Our artists and designers got an invaluable experience working together with such high-level professionals.

Tremendous job was made in the coloristic laboratory as we had to mix different colors to become “soft honey” one.

For the ArtParquet company it was serious and interesting challenge, big responsibility and the reason to be proud of.