Town mansion (earlier Botkin`s House)

Town mansion (earlier Botkin`s House) also known as The Turgenew`s mansion is a cultural heritage of federal significance. 1803 Ivan Petrovitch Turgenev being Moscow State director bought this estate and lived in it until 1807.  For all 4 years this estate was a literary salon where you could see N. M. Karamzin, M. M. Kheraskov, V. A. Zhukovsky.

During the fire in 1812 the building was damaged. 20 years later Peter Kononovich Botkin became a new owner of this mansion. He had the main building rebuilt, the façade in late-Empire style with coronals, laces and fretworks decorated. In addition, Peter Botkin had two new wings built.

In his presence the mansion had become the community center as well as metropolis. 

Completed works

ArtParquet company filled up manor of the nobility`s interior with new parquet flooring with classic pattern. In different rooms you can see our products: strips, solid wood 6-007, symmetric pattern of the solid wood 6-029 etc.

Floor reconstruction works were the last point. New laquer parquet floors revitalized the whole building.