The Museum of Hand Made Goods

This museum was opened in 1885 being a museum of hand-made goods. The building is brought up in Russian-Byzantine style upon the project of S. U. Solowjew. All building works were sponsored by S. T. Morozow. In 1911 as the shop was joined up (upon the project of V. N. Bashkirow and A. E. Erichson) the space was expanded.
The Museum of Hand Made Goods carries a great weight in saving and developing Russian art handicraft. The  total quantity of showpieces is 50 000 uncluding pieces of woodcarving and painting on wood. Here you can also find metal handicrafts; ceramic materials; national costumes; needleworks and lace made by hand.

Completed works
Strips – is the most popular kind of finishing materials. The explanation is simple: it`s good in use and its appearance is presentable.
As a rule, the cabinets` style is classic. Nowadays strips is becoming more and more popular and must-have in designing interiors.
In this project we used parquet flooring installation at an angle to make the space bigger and create sophisticated atmosphere.