Kokorevskoje podvorje

Kokorevskoje Podvorje built in 1867 is one of the most beautiful and important buildings of the entire Complex “The Old Square” (more known as Staraya Square). It is not a square in a true sense but a street normally closed to regular city traffic. It connects Ilyinka Street with Varvarka Gates Square in central Kitai-gorod area of Moscow, Russia.
At present this building is a cultural heritage. Nevertheless, there is an Executive Office of the Russian President situated in it.

ArtParquet company worked out, manufactured and installed 35 interior doors (single-leaf, double leaf and arched) produced from the solid oak. The doors are made on special order taking into account all customer`s wishes as well as space properties.
There is no doubt that interior door is the most important element when designing. Solid oak doors are considered to be luxurious. All such door`s elements are made of oak.
Simplicity, proportions and balanced décor give in their entirety the perfect combination of sophistication, solemnity and wealthy.