The Konstantin Palace

Konstantin palace is the dominating structure of the State Complex “The National Congress Palace”.This building is situated on the right shore of the Gulf of Finland in the distance of 19 km from St. Petersburg. The Konstantin Palace was brought up in XVIII – XIX centuries.

During the Soviet regime the palace fell to ruin. The reconditioning of this monument began in 2000. 
Being not only the historical-cultural heritage but also the official residence, The Konstantin Palace is opened for solemn occasions, conferences, scientific and political forums, exhibitions and presentations.

Completed works

Ceremonial hall (240 m2)
Banquet hall (170 m2)

The interior design of the ceremonial hall is in modern style but, nevertheless, gives time-spirit of the past ages. There is a magnificent rotunda with the marble columns in the middle of the hall. All the hall has ceiling lights which give the interior optical effects. The ceremonial hall is sided with the cabinets for the attendants, technical employees, news reports. Spiral stairs lead to the sky deck where you can see magnificent views on the palace complex.
The architects suggested using the saved 18th century sketches. For the Pavilion Hall were chosen characteristic wood species such as oak, walnut, maple, merbau.