President`s residence of the Republic of Kazakhstan

We are pleased to introduce you the results of our work.
This project was carried out by the company ArtParquet in July 2013. We installed the wall panels, stairs and designed parquet.

Syrmack is a traditional Kazakh handmade carpet.
We made complex interior design having installed parquet. Wall panels and doors made in classic style. Nevertheless, every element of interior design transmits traditions and culture of Kazakhstan.
The Kazakh interior outstanding feature is luxurious incrustated and carved furniture. The interior was designed taking into consideration the furniture style.
Circle is one of the most ancient symbols in Kazakh culture. It is the central  place in every house. Parquet flooring with harmonious medallion composition complement each other and look sophisticated. Here you can see also the most popular Kazakh ornament  - square netlike. It is used in this project  namely in the medallions design.
All in all, designed parquet and traditional Kazakh carpet syrmack are simple in appearance. In fact, they are difficult to make.