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Kremlin Carpeting

ArtParquet faced challenge  to replace more than 5000 ft2 technicolor carpeting of the Kremlin`s Faceted  Chamber.

In 1478 after a series of fires  was damaged the mostly-wooden Kremlin. Grand Duke Ivan III commissioned the limestone Palace of Facates, including the Facated Chamber, located in the heart of Moscow`s fortress and named for its textured façade.  Since the building`s completion in 1492, the Chamber has been the venue for formal receptions of the Czars, coronation celebrations, feasts and state ceremonies. The Chamber now is the official hall of Russian President Vladimir Putin`s private residence, used to receive visiting heads of state.

ArtParquet  used 16 wood species to recreate the intricate design and variety of colors on the Chamber`s former carpeting. It took the company 1 month to install the parquet and 3 weeks more for polishing and toning.
“As it`s a historic building, it imposed on us an even greater responsibility for the successful project

implementation in restoring a 500-year old national landmark”. Historically, there was no parquet in this room, only the carpet. The challenge was  to fulfill the idea of designer and architect and to replicate the design of the carpet,” said Natalia Alekseeva, ArtParquet`s manager of the foreign trade department.

One small change was made on the floor`s design: in a corner of the expansive room, there is now a small ovular piece with “2012” and the Yantarnaya Pryad-Parquet logo.- KM.