We won the "Best stand" award!

ArtParquet took part in International architectural-building exhibition “Beautiful Houses” (1-4 November, Crocus Expo IEC , Moscow) and got a prize in “The best stand” category.

We did our best and are very glad that it was noticed and appreciated. “ArtParquet” is grateful to the organizing committee of the exhibition “Beautiful Houses” for giving us the highest grade. Surely,  it   confirms the results of our activity.

This time “ArtParquet” has placed emphasis on multifold possibilities in the field of wood processing and decorating  for solid wood flooring, wall panels, doors, caisson ceiling, stairs and wooden furniture.  The visitors could see the samples of solid wood flooring ready for installation  from “Château”, “Universum” and “Fantasy” collection. These three are made in best European classic traditions.

The visitors  were impressed both by the patterns of solid wood floorings , colour originality  and by the extra processing of the solid wood flooring.

For the exhibition “ArtParquet” published  the new catalogue which gives as much authentic view of our production as possible: parquet flooring, wall panels, doors, caisson ceilings, stairs and wooden furniture.

Once again ArtParquet surprised everybody with its attitude to the exhibition visitors. Naturally it wasn`t passed by the organizing committee. As a result, we won an award “The best stand”. Knowing  how our panel impresses on the visitors, ArtParquet prepared new masterpiece. In memory of this great event our visitors got  presents  - wooden toys.

Having become wooden toys as a present, our visitors got  a piece of marvelous beauty and warmth of natural wood, its wide palette and unique colour of the subtelest  nuances. We managed to show without words that every wood species emits its own light and warmth: no artificial material compares to natural wood.