Artistic parquet (pattern parquet), massive board.

This project was successfully implemented in parquet in the entrance of luxury apartment building.

It is well known, that dirt from the street spoils almost any floor covering, especially parquet. Wood, being a natural material, is very sensitive to moisture and temperature. At relatively high humidity wood absorb moisture and increases in size, the bevels of some planks began to sit up. The customers didn’t want to use moisture resistant decking board, which is used traditionally in saunas, bathrooms in outdoor areas.

Thus, we faced a difficult task for which it was proposed to use a simple solution: rubber insert between the boards. Such solution is widely known and is frequently used in floor laying on yachts. Naturally, teak, the stable wood specie, was used there. We matched optimal width of this insert, which provides high moisture resistance of the flooring. The result has exceeded all expectations! Special attention was paid to the type of the finish, which provides the required protective functions. It is worth noting, that bright golden brown parquet made of teak gives the interior parade look.

Simple geometric design of the other parquets successfully combines with a restrained décor of art deco style. Special dignity and exquisiteness of the flooring was provided by natural beauty of merbau wood. The composition was designed in such a way that merbau texture play is accentuated when lightened at various angles.

Wood: merbau, teak.

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