Coverage of lacquer products

Choosing materials for wood flooring finishing one should remember that there are objective restrictions. We recommend to rely on the specialists' experience in the question of lacquer selection. This approach will help to avoid unnecessary waste of time and money during parquet works.

The table does not represent the influence of different wood species on the selection of lacquer. No doubt that a particular wood species needs special treatment and special finishing material.

Dependence of the surface appearance on the type of flooring and choosen parquet chemistry

flooring type
gloss level
recommended group of coverage
block parquet supper-matt open pores 1


block parquet

artistic parquet

supper-matt close pores 2
close pores 3

close pores 2
close pores 3
glossy/supper-gloss close pores 3


Possible combinations of coverage: groups of parquet chemistry

name of the product coverage, 1 layer, kg/m2 group 1 group 2 group 3
quantity of layers
Filler Polifilm TP100,1122-3
Gel Ecogel0,02-2-33-6
Primer WR 3060,1122-4
Lacquer Ecostar 2K0,123-44-7