Maintenance recommendations

In the course of due care and adherence to specifications the durability of decorative flooring made of wood is from 70 to 100 years and even more. This article is devoted to technical conditions of parquet using and main rules of parquet maintenance. Further

Our advantage

Art Parquet is one of the leading companies in the sphere of parquet flooring in the Russian and international markets. Over the last 12 years we worked our way up from a small parquet company to one of the biggest companies known abroad (Norway, USA, UAE, Israel, Tajikistan) having obtained good results

Grades of block parquet 

Sorting is based on standard characteristics: knottiness, degree of mottling and type of saw cut (quartersawn cut, mixed cut – tangential and semi-tangential). Further

Artistic parquet

Artistic parquet is an ornamental composition consisting of separate elements and based on the combination of various wood species.

The Catalogue 2010 presents a wide range of classic medallions, mosaic parquet, borders and decorative inlays of different complexity, form, dimension and style. For the sake of convenience mosaic parquet, medallions and borders are joined into collections: from the simplest design patterns to the most exquisite.

Block parquet

Block parquet – the plank’s length and width are multiple of each other. The planks are made of solid wood with four-side tongue and groove that join planks securely.

The company Art Parquet offers a wide range of block parquet of high quality of different wood species. This offers great opportunities when designing parquet flooring and allows realizing any designers’ ideas.

Massive board, engineered massive board

Massive board is a plank of classical solid parquet that has oversize dimensions, tongues and grooves and bevel.

Engineered massive board is a multi-layer construction. The fibres of adjacent layers are perpendicular to each other. Both sides and ends of the plank have tongues and grooves designed for quick and quality joining.

The company Art Parquet offers a wide range of massive board and engineered massive board that satisfy all the requirements. They are not subject to temperature or humidity effects; wear-resistant; have long lifetime; will suit any interior design.

Parquet chemistry

The company Art Parquet imposes special requirements on parquet chemistry: amazing beauty, lifetime and durability of flooring, convenience of application, environmental friendliness. Art Parquet chose the products of one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of parquet chemistry: CHIMIVER PANSERI S.p.A.


Skirting is a decorative plank between the floor and the wall. Skirting fulfils both functional and decorative roles.

The company Art Parquet produces solid skirting made of valuable wood species. Our skirting will match any unusual and exquisite interior.