It is well-known that wood is one of the brightest and most luxurious interior decorations that make premises exquisite and elegant.

Art Parquet is one of the leading companies in the sphere of parquet flooring in the Russian and international markets. Over the last 12 years we worked our way up from a small parquet company to one of the biggest companies known abroad (Norway, USA, UAE, Israel, Tajikistan) having obtained good results:

  • our company is a repeated winner of the Wood Floor of the Year contest organized by the National Wood Flooring Association (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012);
  • we are participants of the international program "CLUB OF HERMITAGE FRIENDS";
  • Art Parquet is the only Russian company working in the Republic of Tajikistan (more than 25000 sqm of installed flooring);
  • the company has accomplished works at a great amount of state objects.

At present the company's strategy is aimed at widening the product range and developing of complex approach to interior creating (parquet, wall panels, doors, caisson ceilings, stairs). We are official distributors of several Italian furnishing companies, of the company «Laura Baccelli» that produces exclusive flooring, of the company «Chimiver» producing parquet chemistry.

Our advantages:

1. Guarantee of safety, durability and beauty of parquet flooring made by our company is a complex approach to any kind of task. Close cooperation of main company's departments (production, design-studio and department of parquet works) results in cost optimization.

At the stage of design engineering parquet compositions are built taking into account technical capabilities of the factory and combination of installation technologies and materials.

2. Own design-studio (artists, architects and designers) ensures individual approach to every client and creation of unique projects.

High-qualified specialists combine perfectly your wishes and desires together with technical capabilities of the factory. They will create the right style, atmosphere and mood of the premises. For better visualization of the interior we offer you 3D-visualization of the project.

3. Complex floor-to-ceiling interior creation: parquet, wall panels, caisson ceilings in a single style. The company's specialists will create unique furniture in harmony with the whole interior of the premises. They will select furniture from the catalogues and make it in collaboration with Italian designers.

The specialists' high experience and the level of equipment allow creating interior elements of any degree of complexity. The completion of ornaments used in the interior is made by hand that guarantees exquisiteness, refinement and impeccability of workmanship.

4. We use traditional technologies, experience and equipment constantly developing and introducing new technologies that help to optimize the production (more than 100 experienced specialists: technologists, designers, millers, assemblers).

At present two ways of producing artistic parquet are used: laser cut and mechanical cut. The use of laser of high power guarantees greater productivity of details and accuracy of geometry. However, laser-cut details have burnt edges that should be additionally treated before gluing them (as a rule, burnt edges are treated manually by sand paper).

Laser cut depends on material density. As is known wood does not have constant material density that leads to cuts different in depth. Moreover, the cut depth in cross-point of the lines is bigger. CNC cut is deeper than laser cut. Such cut is filled with filler (fillers of different colours are used if necessary). Details cut by CNC can be sanded numerous times in comparison with laser cut details.

Thus, working experience has showed that the optimum way of producing artistic parquet flooring is using CNC. The company has the newest technologies in this sphere and has reached high results: NWFA awards in the nomination "Best CNC cut" (2009-2012).

5. Our specialists will consult you and advise the wood treatment that will better suit your interior design emphasizing the vivid structure of wood.

6. Art Parquet is the leading company thanks to the use of professional materials, quality equipment and balanced system of rational parquet laying methods. Parquet planks and details are made with high accuracy that provides their perfect joining and even flooring.

For our projects we use Italian parquet chemistry by "Chimiver". The company is present on the national and international markets for more than 40 years already. We also use high-accuracy professional equipment by European manufacturers (Germany, Italy).

Taking into consideration the individual approach and complex of works for creating interior design the company guarantees reasonable prices and time terms. The use of own innovative technologies and high-quality decorative materials allow reducing labour costs and as a result the final price of the project.