New collection of massive board "Château"

"Château": spirit of today and noble beauty of old time.

At present the most popular tendency in design is the desire to create an "antique interior", to rebuild the atmosphere of the past.

Due to availability and durability of wood massive board is a traditional material for flooring since the Middle Ages.

Art Parquet produces artificially aged massive board by individual order using special technologies of wood processing. Special effects of wood aging give great opportunity to create exclusive interiors. Technical equipment of the factory allows creating unique massive board.

Massive board "Château" looks really aristocratic; it carries in itself the noble beauty of old time. It is impossible to distinguish massive board "Chateau" from flooring of luxurious castles installed hundreds of years ago.

Artificially aged massive board more often used in interiors of country houses, bars, cafes, restaurants and billiard halls.

  • massive board «Château»
  • massive board «Château»
  • massive board «Château»