Block parquet, artistic parquet (decor, pattern parquet, borders), wall panels, caisson ceilings

At present the level of the factory’s technique allows creating interior elements of any kind of difficulty. This project combines engineering, production and installation of wall panels, caisson ceilings and parquet flooring from valuable wood species in general harmonious style.

Seeming simplicity of the construction gives the wall panels perfect and irreproachable appearance. Strict geometric forms show perfectly the natural beauty of the used material (Anegri). Anegri has a strict and stylish appearance, pleasant tint and specific gloss. The colour is playing from pale brown to white as if having absorbed the hot African sun.

It is well known that caisson ceilings are very bright and luxurious decors of the interiors in which the atmosphere of exquisiteness and elegance prevails. Caisson ceiling (anegri veneer) supplemented with contrasting raised elements from beech creates a wonderful magic effect based on the depth and form of the elements.

Parquet emphasizes elegant luxury of the premises even more. The premises’ construction is closely connected with the interior. Colour range of the ornamental composition is bright and vivid due to the fact that many exotic wood species were used. The background of the composition is ash parquet flooring in the form of quadrates. Pattern parquet goes all round the composition.

Interior is attractive for its elegance and unique charm; it preserves subtle notes of natural perfection and creates a unique atmosphere of aesthetics.

Wood species: ash, walnut, merbau, wenge, oak, pear tree

Wall panels: veneer – anegri, layout – solid wood.

Ceiling: veneer – anegri, layout – solid wood, raised elements – beech.

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