ADESIVER ELASTIC is a single-component prepolymer based adhesive with a silanic termination (MS technology), totally free from water, solvents, amines, tin, isocyanates and epoxy resins. It hardens with atmospheric humidity and becomes resistant to water, temperature and ageing in approx 36-48 hours.




  • Mixture ratio: single-component
  • Application temperature: +15°C ÷ +25°C
  • Application: notched trowel n. 5
  • Pot-Life: 1 h (at 20°C and 65% R.H.)
  • Maximum time open: n.a.
  • Hardening: 36/48 h (at 20°C and 65% R.H.)
  • Coverage: 800-1600 g/m² depending on the foundation
  • Colour: oak, walnut
  • Storage stability: 9 months (in original sealed containers at temperatures between +10°C and+25°C)
  • Packaging: 10 kg
  • Tool cleaning: thinner DS (before the hardening of the adhesive)

How to use

Recommended for gluing of prefinished parquet onto marble, grit, ceramic or marblechip floor tiles, etc. Also suitable for gluing parquet onto sub-floors with radiant heating. Adesiver Elastic has very good acoustic insulation characteristics. 

The foundation, according to local regulations, must be dry, free from cracks, uniform and completely clean from the elements that can damage its adherence. Apply ADESIVER ELASTIC paying attention to lay the wood blocks side by side and knock them down well to make sure the adhesive glues well to the entire surface. Perfect adhesion to the sub-floor is ensured if at least 65% of each wooden component is in direct contact with the adhesive. If the sub-floor is porous or friable, we suggest to apply a coat of PRYMER SF 1105.  The drying time for the subsequent coats depends on the primer used (see technical datasheet). If you need to glue the parquet onto glazed sub-floors (such as ceramic, enamelled tiles or polished marble, etc.), roughen the entire surface with large grade sandpaper (16, 24 or 36 grit) or a diamond tool, remove dust thoroughly then apply DILUENTE APA to improve adhesion (see technical datasheet). Sand the surface of anhydrite sub-floors thoroughly using 24 or 36 grit sandpaper; remove dust and apply primer using PRYMER SF 1105 (do not dilute). ADESIVER ELASTIC must be acclimatized at room temperature before being applied. Sand the floor after 3-4 days, depending on the atmospheric conditions and humidity level of the wood species used. The possible excess of glue can be removed with a cleaning humid cloth. In case of left over, seal the bucket properly by using both caps to avoid waste.